The Neutrinos Are Mutating is a monthly podcast, investigating the science fact behind your favourite science fiction! From 1980’s classics to current box office hits, we will be exploring all aspects of science, in all genres of film. From human consciousness to the paranormal, we have some great topics lined up over the next few months. However, if you would like to suggest a movie or topic of science for us to investigate, get in touch!


email: engage@mmu.ac.uk

Twitter: @MMUEngage

Facebook: facebook.com/MMUEngage

The podcast is presented by Sam and James, and is edited and produced by Devin (see our profiles below). We are supported by Manchester Metropolitan University, MMUEngage and MMU Digital Innovations.

Sam IllingworthDr Sam Illingworth (@SamIllingworth) is a lecturer in Science Communication at Manchester Metropolitan University in the UK. His current research involves looking at the similarities between science and poetry, and how different popular culture media can be used to connect science and society. When not doing science or writing poetry he enjoys anything to do with satellites or Studio Ghibli, and writing about himself in the third person.

JamesDr James Redfern (@DrJamesRedfern) is a Microbiology Research Associate in the Heathcare Science Research Centre at Manchester Metropolitan University. His current research is investigating the interaction between microorganisms and different surfaces. In addition to this, James is also very passionate about understanding how people interact with science, particularly through public engagement, science communication activities and both formal and informal education.

Devin Louttit is an Interactive Arts graduate. His involvement in the podcast started as a media intern for MMU Engage. Currently he works as a teaching assistant on BA Creative Multimedia, and BA Film and Media Studies program at the School of Art.

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