20. Extra Terrestrials [Live] – Are You Hearing Me?


On the 28th of November 2016, The Express, a British newspaper, ran a story that declared the globe to be “woefully unprepared in case of an alien invasion”, and that Earth “wouldn’t stand a chance”(http://www.express.co.uk/news/science/737057/alien-invasion-seti-seth-shostak-men-in-black). Of course, for many, this sounds like nonsense. However, they are not alone. In fact one in two British, German and American people believe in alien life (https://yougov.co.uk/news/2015/09/24/you-are-not-alone-most-people-believe-aliens-exist/). But if alien life existed, what would it mean for humans? Would aliens prove harmful to human civilization? Could they bring benefits? Do we have any evidence of alien life? And if not, why do people believe in them?


As many of us are likely to remember, in 1996 the world was subject to a (fictional) alien invasion. Following this devastating worldwide attack, Will Smith playing Captain Steven Hiller managed to save the remainder of society, conveniently taking place on July 4th, the American national holiday of Independence Day. Unfortunately, the aliens decided to revisit the fictional planet earth just 20 years later, and this time Will Smith was not around to save them.


In this episode we are investigating Independence Day: Resurgence. Directed by Roland Emmerich and staring an ensemble cast (many of whom were in the original movie) who have learned a significant amount from alien technology that had been left behind from the first attack. We now have stations on the moon, space weaponry, space defence systems and the most important invention, the alien blaster gun. During this special edition of The Neutrinos are Mutating, recorded in front of a live audience at the Odeon Printworks in collaboration with IntoFilm Festival we speak to Monique Henson, a researcher in space and the universe and Dr Neil Dagnall, our resident expert in all things paranormal to discuss the belief in aliens, and if they are likely to come visit (and destroy us) in the near future!



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