16. Space [Live] – Live on Mars

On the 4th July the TNAM team were involved in another live podcast, again in collaboration with the educational charity Into Film. This year saw Manchester taking the title of the European City of Science, and in celebration of this fact we hosted a live screening of the 2015 film The Martian, directed by from Ridley Scott and produced by 20th Century Fox. The screening took place in the Manchester Central Library, in front of a large audience of school children from across the Greater Manchester region, and was also made possible by support from the Institute of Physics, as part of the outreach activities of their Physics Communicators Group.


For this live podcast we were joined by Professor Neil Reeves from Manchester Metropolitan University, an expert in the effects of spaceflight on the human body, and Dr Sophie Nixon from The University of Manchester, an expert in astrobiology.

Martian Ares Crew

In the film, Matt Damon plays the NASA astronaut and botanist Mark Watney, who is presumed dead after a fierce storm and left behind by his crew. The film charts his remarkable recover and his determinedness to survive on the Martian landscape, against all of the odds. In this episode of the podcast our normal format is replaced with a series of questions from the watching students, who did a fantastic job of probing the knowledge of our two experts. So much so that the regular hosts were left looking over their shoulders very carefully indeed…



A big thanks to the Manchester Central Library, Into Film and Institute of Physics teams, especially Tarah Patel from Into Film for helping to organise the event. Big thanks also to Neil Cochrane from the IT team at MMU for his sterling work as audio technician, and to Zak Cameron for his mastery of the roving mic.



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